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White Stuff

White Stuff

White Stuff is a multi-channel brand with a strong heritage and values...

Established in 1985 we have now grown to over 100 shops and concessions in the UK and Internationally, selling women’s and men’s clothing as well as beautiful accessories and homeware. Our original prints (all designed in house), intricate details and considered design touches reflect our personality and make us subtly distinctive.

We’re a sociable, talented and like-minded bunch here at White Stuff, proud to be part of such a great brand, and passionate about our customers. We believe people are at the heart of our business, so we’re committed to building and sustaining a sense of community and togetherness, where everyone feels like they’re part of something special.

Our HQ

Welcome to Casa Del White Stuff, our lovely HQ, based in Oval, London. This is where the magic begins! Home of seamstresses Ivy and Lil (they’ve been with us almost since the beginning) and all the talented people who work within some of our key support functions such as buying, merchandising, design, people, finance, IT, creative, display and marketing.

Our DC

Behind every great shop there is a solid distribution centre (D.C). This is the hub of our business operations, where our products are received, sorted and quality checked before being whisked off to our lovely shops and (eagerly awaiting) direct web or home shopping customers. Our team of Warehouse Operatives keep everything moving, and even have time to practice the odd dance routine or pancake flip as part of their day!

Our Shops

Our shops are unique, so it makes sense that their locations are too. You won’t find us sandwiched between two other shops on Oxford Street; we prefer to set up house in the heart of communities that are rich in history and heritage.

Our boutiques are more than just shops, they’re homely hangouts where customers can meet, socialise and have a cuppa. Or if a bowl of water and a bone is what’s called for, that’s fine with us. We love animals and encourage customers to bring their pets in to see us.  In fact, kids, friends, grandma Dot – they can bring the whole clan. We want them to feel relaxed in a warm, welcoming and homely environment. Of course all of our shops have been given the White Stuff treatment, so customers can expect a large helping of individuality, a blend of retro and vintage, and a dash of industrial detailing too.

Vision & Values

All greats have a vision. Ours is to be the leaders of sociable retail; creating meaningful and memorable relationships with those we meet. From the brillantpeople who make up our team and the attention to detail in our products, to the conversations we have and the welcoming spaces we create, we strive to genuinely connect with those around us- setting a new standard of meaningful brand interaction.

We’ve split our brand concept into five strands:

Create Products, Create Conversation, Create Places, Create Responsibly and Create Together

White Stuff Foundation

The White Stuff Foundation supports disadvantaged children and young people in our local communities. We’ve built long-term relationships with small, local charities and support them by giving funds, time and material support.


Victoria Hodges
People & Culture Director

1. Could you roughly outline your career path (how you worked your way up to the position you are in now)?

I started my career in retail whilst I was a student, working at Harrods and at a boutique called The Designer Sale Studio, which had an amazing atmosphere. Those experiences sealed my love of retailing. Initially I thought I wanted to be a fashion buyer, but having worked on an assignment in the HR department at Harrods, whilst I was on their graduate training programme, I realised I found the perfect combination, fashion retailing and people! I moved on to work in HR roles at the Arcadia group. After having worked in large businesses for over 10 years, I decided to set up a consulting business providing HR consultancy to retailers, which gave me the opportunity to work in a variety of different businesses. I did a piece of consultancy at White Stuff and loved it so much, I stayed and my 10 year anniversary is coming up this year.

2. How would you describe the culture at your company?

At White Stuff we truly believe in putting people at the heart of what we do. So whether it’s our employees, our customers or the local communities that we engage with, our culture is about making sure that we are fair, caring and thoughtful and always consider the consequences our actions.

3. Give us 3 words to describe the perfect employee for you?

This is a tough one, as I’ve already said we value individuals so there are many things that make the perfect employee…but if I was pushed then I would say passionate, positive and responsible.

4. What is the most important thing that keeps staff enthusiastic and engaged with the brand?

I think it is the feeling that they are part of something a bit different and special. We try to listen to all of our employees and like to think that anyone working for us feels that their ideas and opinions matter and no matter which part of the business they work in. They have the chance to shape our business and be part of its growth and success.

5. What is the number one thing a candidate can do that will impress you when it comes to interview?

To be true to who they are. We want people who are confident in their own abilities and can articulate the value they can bring to a role, as well as show they really understand the brand.

6. Tell us something that readers might not know about working for your company?

We are a very doggy place to work! We love everything about our canine friends and that extends to having a dog friendly environment.

7. Describe something that has got your excited/ proud about working for your company in the last year?

Being listed in the Times Top 100 companies to work for again for the 7th year in a row was a very proud moment.


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