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Career advice

Whether you're looking for CV advice, want to to brush up on your interview technique, want to find out how to get a pay rise or find out more about a particular company, our career advice pages contain articles written by career experts to give you everything you need.

Where to look

So, you’ve taken the plunge, you decided to move on, or perhaps the decision has been forced upon you. You now have to plan how to get your next role.


Get interview practice

Try our interview quiz and get immediate feedback. A bit of light-hearted fun that will make you think about your answers in a new way.


Do your SWOT analysis

If you're applying for a job in retail management, you may very well be asked to perform a SWOT analysis. If so, this will be an important part of the process and you should take it seriously.


Do your research

For most of us there are three things more important in our lives than anything else. Firstly, there is our family relationship, partner, children, etc. Secondly, there is our home, and thirdly our job. And yet, despite this, so many people do not adequately research the organisation to which they have applied.


Getting the right salary

If you’re a retail buyer or procurement manager then there is probably little we can tell you about negotiating. However, for the rest of us it can be the most traumatic part of the selection process.


Rejected again?

Getting rejected from jobs is hurtful. Getting rejected for a lot of jobs is very hurtful. Some tips on what to do if you keep getting rejected.


The best retail employers

A survey of almost 600 retail professionals has revealed the most desirable employer brands for which to work. The research, conducted by Together Communications, found John Lewis, perhaps somewhat unsurprisingly, at the top of the most attractive employer brands.