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A career that comes out of the blue with O2


Communications group O2 has gone from strength to strength in recent years as part of the Telefonica group with a global reach, presence in over 20 countries and serving over 310 million customers. We caught up with their head of stores Bridget Lea to find out what it’s like to be a part of this growing business at an exciting time and what potential employees can expect when they join.

As the face of the business and in almost 500 stores across the UK, O2’s store staff provide consistent and trusted digital advice to over 500,000 customers every week whilst creating an atmosphere where customers feel they can receive the best in advice and information.

We talked to head of stores at the company, Bridget Lea, about what makes working for O2’s stores so special.

How would you describe the atmosphere at O2?
There’s a really positive energy within the company and a feeling that anything is possible which is so exciting. There’s always something new launching to keep things interesting.

What makes your company a cut above other employers?
Our people – we’ve a bright, engaging and focused workforce who are passionate about the brand. Delivery is incredibly important to our people but its not just about the day job, there’s a great social scene too both in stores and HO.

We are encouraged to have a strong social conscience and actively support the community which helps build morale making you feel proud to work for O2. Work life balance is promoted and being a digital company we are encouraged to use all tools necessary to facilitate efficient, flexible working.

What three words describe the perfect employee for O2?
Bright, passionate and a can-do attitude.

What is the most important thing that keeps staff enthusiastic and engaged with the brand?
Pride, belief and love of our products and services.

Tell us something that has got you really excited or proud about working for your company in the past year?
Coming from the world of fashion into a digital industry that is going through such a dramatic transformation and having the opportunity to change how the industry and market are perceived is incredibly exciting. I’m really enjoying shaping the future of stores in a digital world.

Tell us something readers might not know about working for your company?
We’ve a Starbucks in our HO reception – half shot, skinny, grande latte here I come!

What do you expect from a candidate you’re interviewing in general?
Know something about the business and show me your personality.

What is the number one thing a candidate can do that will impress you when it comes to interview?
Be authentic.

Have you ever come across any misconceptions about the brand?
From a retail perspective it’s definitely that working in a ‘phone shop’ doesn’t require a high degree of skill. But I’ve just spent a week working as an advisor and can assure you that you need to be digitally savvy, knowledgeable and truly interested in people to do the job well. It’s a lot more difficult than selling dresses, which is what I’m used to!

Have you got any interview horror stories?
I spilt coffee all down my cream dress about 10 minutes before a very important interview. All I had with me was a full length, sequinned ball gown as I had attended an event the night before. It was either cancel the interview or change into the ballgown so I went with the ballgown. Incredibly I managed to get the job! (Although I don’t recommend you try this!)

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