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Victoria's Secret: working with the world's sexiest brand

Victorias Secret

In the last two years, global lingerie firm Victoria’s Secret has grown its UK business from a long-awaited dream to a vibrant reality. Now one of the most desirable employers in UK retail, the company plans to continue rewarding talent for high performance.

How does the company differ from other companies/employers?

We believe that passion leads to success and our workforce embodies that belief. Victoria’s Secret associates are passionate about the brand and create great customer experiences as a result. Ours is a culture where associates can build careers and reach their highest potential.

How would you describe the atmosphere at the company in general

There is a great buzz as we continue our growth in the UK and around the world. When you visit a Victoria’s Secret store it isn’t just a shopping trip – it’s a captivating experience. Sight, smell and sound combined provide a retail environment unlike any other. It’s an atmosphere that is fast-paced, inspiring and best-in-class.

Tell us something that people might not know about the company?

Victoria’s Secret is the world’s dominant lingerie brand with an iconic fashion show that is seen globally and is the most-watched around the world. This year it will make its debut in London!

What is the most important thing that keeps staid enthusiastic and engaged with the brand?

Our store associates are critical to the success of our company. Therefore, it’s critical to us that we maintain top talent by paying for top performance, offering unique reward programs, specialized training and development within a supportive culture that is fun, team-oriented and values-based.

Is there anything coming up in the next six months/year that is particularly exciting?

We can’t wait until this year’s world-renowned Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show which will take place in London for the very first time and will feature 40 of the world’s most beautiful women, the hottest musical acts, pink carpet interviews and a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the world’s most celebrated fashion show.

What does the future hold for the company and its employees?

Within two years we have already successfully launched a global brand in the UK and are continuing to grow. We are looking for highly committed and talented selling individuals to join us on this incredible journey.

What associates say

We asked Victoria’s Secret associates what it’s really like to work there…

Senior sales specialist - Melissa

Is there any one thing that has got you really excited or proud about working for Victoria‘s Secret?

“I am proud that I work for a company where we all have passion for the brand and work hard to reach what we are aiming for and for the

appreciation and motivation to do better. When a customer comes back a few months later and asks for you personally because of the great service you provided it really is the icing on the cake!”

What do you love most about your job?

“This is a tough one…It’s a split between the customer and my team. On the one hand, you can go through a whole journey with a customer and really make a difference in her life just by getting her the Angel Fit. On the other hand, the job just wouldn’t be the same without my wonderful team around me. There is an incredible environment in the store, where everyone is just so genuine and always there for you at any time.”

Operations manager - John

Can you tell us something our readers might not know about working at Victoria’s Secret?

“It is a fantastic place to work. Whilst doing research for my interview with VS, it was the values that the company has that really spoke to me. I felt it set it apart from other places I have worked. Having worked for VS for over a year now I have found that the values are at the core of everything the company does.”

What do you love most about your job?

“This is the easiest question: it is no doubt the team of people I work with both in store and head office. The support from everyone I have connected with so far has been amazing. Everyone is there to support each other and we are always trying to look for ways to be more effective at everything we do.”

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