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Start the year with a Lidl career

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Lidl UK thrives on change, so they are devoting the New Year to discovering fresh and exciting ways to surprise their customers. It’s what they’ve been doing for years, thanks to their bright-thinking, far-sighted, can-do people. As an official partner of British grassroots football, the nation’s right behind them and that means those who have resolved to make a name for themselves in retail management can fulfil their ambitions – as Matthew has done.

“Opening a store is a big deal for any business, and I was the Store Manager tasked with opening a flagship store in Rushden. It’s definitely my proudest achievement to date.”

Matthew Abbott has every reason to be proud of the hard work he put in to opening Rushden’s new Lidl. It’s the first of the company’s new concept stores – the aisles are wider than the norm, it recycles its own heating and it has its own training rooms. Everything looked calm on the surface from day one, but that was down to the professional way Lidl people worked together.

“Opening week was really exciting – we had double the business we were expecting to have, and I’m pleased to say we had loads of support from mangers of every level during that first week. By the second week we had found our feet, everything was all up and running and we quickly developed our routine. It definitely pays to work well under pressure.”

And that was just one highlight in his career to date.

“I first joined Lidl as an Assistant Store Manager almost 10 years ago. I really enjoy working on the shop floor with my team, keeping them motivated and getting the work done. There’s always plenty to be getting on with so we all pitch in and work together. I always remember that it’s my job to teach people the best way to do things because I want to see them progress. As part of opening this store, I was involved in the recruitment and training of new staff as well so it was important for me to think about how to prioritise, manage and delegate all the different tasks and how to set my own personal daily goals.”

It’s a sentiment that all Lidl Store Managers share, and excellent organisation is a quality that’s essential to everyone who’s interested in joining the business.

“I’m passionate about my job and the type of business we’re in is very changeable. You can’t always know what to expect so it’s about doing your best whatever challenge comes your way. I like coming in every day and talking to people, seeing how they are, seeing how we’re doing compared to the competition and seeing our turnover growth. Sometimes, you need a competitive attitude to deliver the goods!”

If, like Matthew, you’re a leader that others can rely on and you strive to deliver the best results, the New Year couldn’t be a better time to join one of the UK’s fastest-growing grocery retailers. Apply now for an Area Manager, Store Manager or Assistant Store Manager role at Lidl.