Marstons Jobs

We’ve been running pubs and brewing beer in one form or another for more than 185 years – a heritage that we’re incredibly proud of!

Today we operate more than 1,400 pubs, bars and hotels which is our complete focus. As a business, we strive to bring people together, creating happiness in our pubs and bars, and delivering more experience through our vast range of beers and drinks.

But it’s the passion of our 9,000 people that sets us apart from others, working together to create happy, memorable and meaningful experiences for our customers and stakeholders, every day.


There is so much more to life than ever before and we believe it’s even better when shared.

In an increasingly fragmented society, our purpose is to bring people together for positive and meaningful experiences.

We do this by empowering our teams across every part of our business to… Create more happiness through our diverse estate of 1,400 pubs, cocktail bars, restaurants and inns, which offer memorable occasions for every customer and every community.

We’ve learned a thing or two over the last 185 years and we use that collective knowledge from across our business to provide more happy, memorable and meaningful experiences for both our customers and our people, every day.