Cancer Research

Working in a Cancer Research UK shop, you'll be choosing a retail career with a difference. It's a busy, vibrant environment with varied and interesting work, and you'll be surrounded by people who are as dedicated as you are. What's more, it's a job you can be proud of, because you'll know that everything you're doing is not only changing your life, but helping change other people's lives too.

You'll be the link between Cancer Research UK and the community; helping to raise awareness of our cause, promote cancer prevention and early diagnosis messages, as well as generating income. By driving the profit in the shop you'll be helping to fund ground-breaking work into prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

You can be your own boss, shape the shop experience and create the atmosphere. In return for your hard work, expertise and passion, we'll give you the training, support and opportunities you need to take your career to all kinds of exciting places.

Our shops are much more than simply 'charity shops' - they're our face to the world. Working here, you'll be helping shape the way the world sees Cancer Research UK