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Getting ahead in retail store management:


Depending on the size of store you’re managing, progression may not be as straight forward as it is in other retail roles. If you are a manager of a franchise, you may only be able to step into a supervisor or department manager role in a larger company. Conversely, if you are a manager of a larger store with responsibility for ordering stock or merchandising you may be able to move either into area management in another company or even into head office if the structure of the company is right.

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Another route you could take after store management is into retail recruitment – our sister company Retail Human Resources is always on the lookout for talented managers who are looking to progress their career into other avenues. Find out more about careers with RHR and see their opportunities here.

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Retail store management - the basics

Store manager job description:

The role of a store manager differs depending on the company, store size, location etc. From concessions taking several thousand pounds a year, to large superstores that can take over £100 million per year, the job of a store manager can vary widely.

Did you know?

Store managers vacancies may also be advertised under the following job titles:

Branch manager
General manager
Retail manager
Designate manager
Flagship manager
Franchise manager
Shop manager

A store managers responsibilities include:

•    Stock control and stock levels
•    Store budgeting.
•    Staff recruitment
•    Recommendation or implementation of store procedures and policies.
•    Refitting or opening of a store
•    Planning store layouts and designing displays
•    Deciding upon selling strategies
•     Representing the store in negotiations with suppliers.

A good manager will work with their team, organising their time so that everyone is working together to meet the store KPI's (Key Performance Indicators). KPI's are normally based on the achievement of sales, costs, shrinkage/waste and stock availability. In smaller stores, managers are likely to perform most of these duties, while in large stores they may direct others in these tasks.

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Key skills needed:

•    Good interpersonal skills staff recruitment
•    Commercial awareness
•    Planning and organisational abilities
•    Leadership
•    Customer service
•    Analytical abilities


Basic salaries and overall remuneration vary widely, depending on the size, type, and profitability of the store. Depending on the sector of retail you are working in, there may also be a commission or bonus incentive that can add substantially to the basic salary. Retail store managers can benefit from paid holiday entitlement, pension, medical insurance and discounts on the products or service of their employer.

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