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Allocator / Distributor

The job role of the Allocator / Distributor is to provide support to the whole of the fashion / retail merchandising team. An Allocator / Distributor job in fashion is often the first step that a candidate will take on their way to becoming either a Fashion Merchandiser or Branch Merchandiser.

Although the job role of the Allocator / Distributor can be a very admin focused job role they are important within the fashion / retail merchandising team. Their role is to ensure that stock is directed to stores in the right volumes at the right time to optimise profitability. This includes replenishing stock when it is low by looking at the sales of individual branches. The Allocator / Distributor will often be the first point of contact for the stores to the merchandising team. It is key that the Allocator / Distributor has a keen attention to detail so that the individual branches of the retail company never run out of stock.

On a daily basis the Allocator / Distributor will often report into the Assistant Merchandiser or Assistant Branch Merchandiser, and after they have become experienced they can decide if they want to move into Product Merchandising (which could be womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, footwear, fashion accessories and even homeware) or move into Branch Merchandising.

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