Wholesale interview techniques quiz

Have you ever thought about a career in wholesale? Why not start with a fun interview quiz to prepare yourself for your real life interview!

Are you a strong, productive team player with great organisiation?  You could be a perfect fit for a role in Wholesale!

This quiz is the perfect starting point in your preperation for your career move.  All of the questions are multiple choice.  On some occasions, there may be more than one correct answer.

Each answer is marked from 0 to 4.  All of the questions and answers are from real life interview scenarios, so choose the answer that is closest to the way that you would answer in your real interview.  Once you have finished, your results will be emailed to you, aswell as feedback on the answeres that you got wrong.

The quiz should take no longer than 5 minutes. None of your information will be passed to any third party or client.

Please feel free to leave us some feedback at the end, and take a look at our job vacancies whilst here on the site.

So, lets get started


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