Interview techniques quiz

Although this is a light-hearted bit of fun, the results should help you with your interview techniques. The results will be immediately emailed to you. You may not agree with some of the answers and you may think that some of the questions are either daft or inappropriate but these are all very common questions and, even if the questions are clichéd, your answers should not be.

Each question gives you five possible answers. If you cannot find the answer you would have given then put the answer which is closest to what you believe is correct. Each answer has a score ranging between 0 and 4. It is possible that more than one answer is correct.

The test will take about 5 minutes. At the end, your results will be emailed to you. Please note that they are not passed on to any third party or client - they are for your information alone. At the end of the quiz, please do give us your feedback.

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So, lets get started


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