The move is part of the supermarket’s commitment to halve the use of plastic packaging by 2025. Sainsbury’s said the new pancake cartons are likely to save a total of 25 tonnes of plastic every year.

Ahead of Valentine’s Day, Sainsbury’s also recently cut the amount of plastic packaging for steaks by 70% and switched from plastic trays to cardboard for packaging all lamb and beef Taste the Difference products and So Organic steaks. Other plastic reduction initiatives have included the user of thinner packaging for confectionery.

Claire Hughes, director of product innovation at Sainsburys, said: “With a goal to halve our overall plastic use by 2025, Sainsbury’s are committed to continuing to minimise the use of plastic across our ranges including seasonal products, supporting our customers in their efforts to reduce plastic and recycle more of our products.”

Sainsbury’s has reduced around 4,500 tonnes of own brand and branded primary plastic packaging since 2019.