Perry Ellis

Perry Ellis


Perry Ellis has been described as an innovator, a trailblaze and a man who wasn’t afraid to fly by the seat of his pants. From the day he launched his first line in 1976, he made fashion meaningful simply by not taking it so seriously and by believing that clothes should be fun.

He also earned an inspiring share of distinctions along the way. In 1979, Ellis won the Coty Award, his first of eight. In 1982, he was honored with the CFDA Designer of the Year Award. And in 1984, he was elected president of the CFDA.

Number of stores:

42 Stores


Founded in 1978

Parent Company:

Perry Ellis International

Fun Facts:

In June 2003, Perry Ellis merged with Salant Corporation, manufacturer of the brand's clothes, for about $80 million. The combined company offers about 25 brands.