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New Look

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About New Look

New Look is a leading fast fashion retailer, offering excitement and accessible fashion across the globe, New Look is always there to help the customer look and feel great.

It’s about that upcoming party, the catch up with friends and all the excitement that comes with it. They put their customers at the heart of everything they do; this helps to understand how they feel when searching for products and ultimately, making sure they feel great when wearing them, whatever the occasion. 

By reacting quickly to the latest trends and interpreting them in a way that’s wearable for our customers, it can help them find a look that fits their personal style. So whether they’re looking for the latest trends, or simply that perfect party dress, they have got it covered. 

Number of stores

1,150+ stores worldwide (and an online store serving over 120 countries)



Fun Facts

The largest New Look store in the world opened in Dublin, Ireland on November 4, 2010 located at the Jervis Shopping Centre. It is the 29th New Look store in Ireland

In February 2009, its 40th anniversary year, it opened its first store in Russia

Thinking of moving up the ladder?

New Look store management structure:

General Manager – only in huge flagship sites
Store Manager
Team Leader for Service
Team Leader for Visual Merchandising
Team Leader for Footwear

Retail management profiles: New Look

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