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Moonpig offers a totally new concept in buying greetings cards. You can order most of the best selling greetings card designs you see in the high street but we allow you to personalise the captions to create a completely unique card.
We produce all of the cards in our own hi-tech production facility in Guernsey and send them back to you or directly to your recipient by Guernsey Post and Royal Mail. The Moonpig website was launched in July 2000 and since then we have been striving to improve the selection of cards we offer. We offer designs from many of the leading card publishers in the UK, such as Paperlink, The Great British Card Company, Carte Blanche Greetings, Disney, Ling Design, Last Lemon and Quitting Hollywood, as well as many smaller publishers and designers.

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0 – based online


2000 by Nick Jenkins

Fun Facts:

  • The company got its name because founder Nick Jenkins nickname at school was ‘Moonpig’