Boux Avenue

Boux Avenue

About Boux Avenue

Launched in Spring 2011, Boux Avenue is a “truly exciting shopping experience” for lingerie lovers everywhere, both online and in-store. Boux Avenue brings traditional service, superior fit and outstanding quality to a modern and beautiful setting. Customers in-store experience a luxurious shopping experience, where they can receive free bra-fittings and fitting rooms with 3 different light settings and an intercom to communicate with the fitting experts.

Number of stores

25 stores nationwide plus expansion across 10 countries.



Parent Company

Theo Paphitis

Fun Facts

  • Boux Avenue’s name came from a chance meeting with a French waitress named Boux.
  • The store has an original selling layout for the UK shopper by displaying the majority of its products in drawers as opposed to hanging rails and stands; a similar manner to American lingerie brand Victoria’s Secret.