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Ace your interview #10

Adrian Lozano

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

A frequently asked question at interview that many struggle to answer is ‘What are your strengths and weaknesses?’ By compiling a list of both it helps any candidate to recognise those that apply to them. And in turn how to present these strengths and weaknesses in the best way when answering interview questions.

Firstly identify your top transferable competencies from your previous career to date in order to provide the right answer to the frequently asked interview question "What are your strengths?" Review the strengths that will contribute to you being successful within the role. Using both the list of strengths and weaknesses describe your strength and support your answer with examples of how this strength is evident in your work performance.

How you respond to the job interview ‘What are your weaknesses?’ says a great deal about you and that's why it's been around so long. This question reveals a number of things - how well prepared you are for the interview, yourself insight, your self-awareness and honesty.

These are actually the qualities the interviewer is assessing, not the actual weakness itself. Go through this list of weaknesses as they present in the workplace and decide which applies to you - everyone has a weakness or two!

Look at constructing an interview answer that acknowledges the weakness and then goes on to describe what you are doing to improve on it and what appropriate behaviours you use to compensate for it.

Tash Kitsis

Thursday, 30 June 2016 at 9:13am

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