Ace your interview #7

A time you disagreed with a decision that was made at work?

Pick your answer carefully! It’s all about explaining not only what it was that you disagreed with, but also your reasons why and what counter-solution you proposed. Ideally, you want to talk about a situation where you managed to persuade your peers/colleagues to go with your idea instead.

Good examples of answers to this question might include; your line manager deciding that following a range review, the line of skirts you’d proposed for your range for SS15 are not going to be included after all. You disagreed with that decision as you’d done extensive trend research and knew that they would be perfect for your customer, as well as being the “next big thing”. So what did you do about it? You spoke to your line manager and presented the research/trend boards etc. you’d done to back up why you wanted to have this line of skirts in the range. What was the result? Your line manager agreed for a limited number of options of this skirt to go into the range as a trial, which was then so successful the commitment was increased.

The interviewer is looking for a couple of things when asking this particular question. Firstly, that you able to stand up to peers and have the confidence to push back. Secondly that you have a commercial eye and can spot something that will make the business money, as well as having the conviction to drive your ideas forward. 

Tash Kitsis

Monday, 30 May 2016 at 12:00am

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