Narrowing the gender pay gap

Do you know what you're worth? MD of Retail Human Resources Peter Burgess talks to the Financial Times about gender equality when it comes to pay. He argues that an open pay policy is key to fairness in the workplace and narrowing the gender pay gap. What do you think? Would you rather know what other people in the business are earning? Would this motivate you or demotivate you? Watch the video and let us know in the comments below.


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Beth Troake

Wednesday, 3 December 2014 at 11:33am

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Very interesting video - I'm all for open pay policies as a way to promote fairness between the genders. I think RHR has this exactly right!

Posted by Ellie at 11:43am

This is a very interesting topic. I genuinely think open salaries are a very good idea. Honesty and transparency are attributes many employers still need to improve on.

Posted by Oliver Andrew at 11:50am

I've heard different thoughts on this, all of them interesting and worthy of discussion but these are my personal opinions:

For me, it's all about trust. An open pay policy means that I can trust the company I work for to value my skills and experience on the same basis as anyone else at my level, regardless of gender, race, religion or any other factor. It also means that the skills and experience that I have worked hard to build up are what I'm going to be judged on. And the only thing I'm being judged on.

A company that can openly say "you're getting paid X because that is what anyone of your level would get and to prove it, we'll show you what your colleagues earn" rather than a company that will pay me for as little as it can get away with by making it impossible for employees to discuss salaries is a company I can trust and ultimately one that I want to work for.

Posted by Beth Troake at 12:21pm

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