Interesting tips for the commuter

Interesting tips for the commuter

With the weather so changeable of late, many commuters across the country don’t know whether they’re coming or going when it comes to their journey into work. One minute, it’s brilliant sun and perfect for a nice leisurely walk, the next minute the remains of a hurricane are causing travel chaos across the nation. So here are some tips to make your commute to work that little bit easier…

By Bike:

1. Be seen, be safe. When the sky clouds over, even during the day, it can be hard for other road users to see you. You should use lights or wear a reflective vest (or other item).  

2. In the heat, take your time getting home. Pedal slower, try and keep your body temperature low and make sure you have some water with you.

3. Wear sensible clothing e.g. breathable clothing for when it’s warmer, waterproofs in case you’re caught in a sudden downpour and remember that bare skin doesn’t fare well against a road surface should an accident happen.

4. Obvious as it sounds, remember your helmet. We know that it isn’t as glamorous, but they really do save lives. Look after yourself.

By Tube:

1. Think about walking between stops as it might be quicker than changing lines, saving you time and potentially money.

2. Try and get on the right carriage in order to get a seat – most people still don’t think about walking right to the end of the platform. Or if you’re a regular commuter from that station, try to notice which carriages are quietest and take advantage!

3. If you’ve got a really long tube ride and are desperate for a seat then consider going back on yourself a stop or two. This works especially well if the previous stop to you is a busy one. If you journey up the line by two stops you can get a seat ahead of the rush!

4. The Tube Exists app ( is a handy was of finding out which carriage to travel in in order to be closest to the exit on your arrival at your destination.

By Train

1. If you battle with expensive car parking at railway stations and more often than not can’t even find a space, then you might want to try PLUSBUS, a service that provides a discount to and from the station.

2. If your train is delayed by longer than 15 minutes you are entitled to claim the cost of a single journey.  To claim your reasons have to be within TFL’s control, though.

3. Pre-buying a pack of tickets in one go can save you money on your travel. No good for someone who commutes every day, but if you’re travelling one or two days a week on the same route then carnet tickets are a cheaper alternative. Commuting Expert has compiled a list of where to buy carnet tickets for most major lines here. (

By Car:

1. Control your environment. Unlike other commuters, travelling by car means that you have the power to change the heating, music, smell and look of your travelling environment. Take advantage of this by keeping your car clean and clutter free, install an air freshener that you like and you’ll be rewarded with a more comfortable commute.

2. Don’t bother changing lanes as studies have shown it doesn’t save time in the long run and could put you at greater risk of being involved in an accident. Pick a lane and stay with it.

3. Share the load by car pooling. If you live near other employees this can cut costs on petrol, parking fees and general vehicle wear-and-tear – the more people in the pool the greater the savings.

4. Don’t fall victim to highway hypnosis, or ‘sleeping with your eyes open’. On early morning or late night commutes, especially in the dark winter months, it is easy to nod off or lose concentration. To counter this, try to keep your mind active. Learn a new language, make up phrases with the letters on numberplates or listen to the radio rather than your iPod.

Do you have any secrets that make your commuting life that little bit easier? Feel free to share them below:

Amanda Stewart

Wednesday, 13 August 2014 at 4:38pm

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