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Imagining your dream office

What would your dream office look like? Would you take a leaf out of Google’s book and include features like a secret garden on the roof? Or maybe include a slide, like the head office of Lego? Or maybe you’d go for ‘achingly cool’ design, a la Facebook’s offices in California?
Workplaces are so integral to our happiness, motivation and productivity that there are hundreds of websites out there telling you how to create a healthy and harmonious office environment, from plants, to air quality and from colours to music.
At the Retail Appointment, we’d say that a great office depends on comfort, atmosphere, good lighting, the ability to take regular breaks and some fantastic colleagues around you…but that doesn’t stop us dreaming of having an office pet to play with on a bad day like at White Stuff’s offices where employees are actually encouraged to bring their furry friends into work!  If that’s enough to sway you, then take a look at their jobs here.
So what feature would you include in your dream office? Take our survey and see what other people had to say!

Sophie MacIntyre

Friday, 1 August 2014 at 10:48am

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