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What makes us a cut above the rest?

Natasha Kitsis

We're a really close team at The Retail Appointment and when it comes to making the business the best that it can be, we're all ready to pitch in - even in our spare time!

That's not just some marketing talk, it's the truth! For example, when we launched our magazine last month, everyone in the team, from the website director down got up at Silly O'Clock to head down to Oxford Street and hand out 6,000 copies of the magazine to retailers as they started work for the day.

Despite the massively painful early start, the lack of coffee, the wind and the rain, we got the whole thing finished in just two hours and were back in the office to do a full days work by 9:30am! If you have five minutes, you can see our bleary-eyed photos on our Facebook page here.

But that's not all! We also spent that weekend hand delivering thousands of copies into stores to supplement the posted issues. So if you got a copy in your store, it probably came from one of us taking time out of our weekend to get it to you! It's hard work, but it's also something that no-one else in the industry does and we think that the extra effort we all put in makes us a cut above the rest!

Tash Kitsis

Tuesday, 1 October 2013 at 11:00am

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