Twenty tips for before your interview

Top tips to help you prepare for your interview before the big day.

It is perfectly normal to feel anxious, excited and a bit stressed about interviews, but some preparation beforehand can help to calm your nerves and allow you to show yourself at your very best.

  1. Visit one of the company's stores/hotels/restaurants.
  2. Look at their websites.
  3. Study their competition.
  4. Look at their financial data.
  5. Check your journey.
  6. Get to the interview 30 minutes early, but don’t announce yourself until 10 minutes before your appointment time.
  7. Be pleasant to the receptionist, the security guard and anyone you meet on or near the company’s premises.
  8. Don’t smoke just before you go in.
  9. Get rid of your chewing gum before you go near the company’s premises.
  10. Switch your mobile phone OFF before arrival. If you forget and it rings, don’t answer it.
  11. Check the dress code before you go.
  12. Know who the senior management team is (CEO, HRD, etc.)
  13. Check the history, ownership and recent takeover bids.
  14. Look up previous news stories.
  15. Do comment on recent successes the company has enjoyed.
  16. Don’t comment on any bad publicity.
  17. Buy or own something the company sells, if appropriate.
  18. Make sure your social media profiles are appropriate.
  19. Check out the social media profiles of the company and/or your interviewer.
  20. Have an idea of the share price (if a public company).